Posts, Wire & Tape

Tread-in Posts

Multi-wire Post

Lightweight and easy to use portable post to hold electric fence wire. Multiple wire positioning on the post allows for housing of many animal types.

Fineline: 3040959 | Code: 10080

Multi-wire Post-10080
Steel Pigtail Post-10081

Steel Pigtail Post

Easy to use portable post suitable for fencing in larger animals eg cows, horses.

Fineline: 3040960 | Code: 10081


Polytape Reel 12.5m

Fineline: 3042248 | Code: 10062

Polytape Retel 12.5m-10062
Polywire Reel 2mm-10063

Polywire Reel 2mm

Fineline: 3042247 | Code: 10063

Polytape & Polywire


Fineline: 0127860 | Code: 10041

Polytape 40mm-10041
Polywire Super Conductive-10043

Polywire Super Conductive

Fineline: 0127862 | Code: 10043

Polytape Super Conductive

Fineline: 0127861 | Code: 10042

Polytape Super Conductive-10042


Lead-Out Cable

Fineline: 3042241 | Code: 10061

Lead-Out Cable-10061

Volt Meter

Digital Volt Meter-10040

Digital Volt Meter

Fineline: 0135438 | Code: 10040

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